Other Theaters


Theater Ninjas


We are the Food Truck of Cleveland Theater

We’re a nomadic company who seeks out new and exciting spaces to perform. Working in non-traditional venues gives us an opportunity to reimagine how and why we tell stories, and helps us to create deep, fascinating worlds for the audience to explore. We’re always experimenting; always rethinking what theater can be: as entertainment, as art and as out-of-the-ordinary experiences.


Talespinner Children’s Theatre


Talespinner Children Theatre is Cleveland's only professional theatre for children, producing highly imaginative, original, collaborative and interactive professional works for children that also stimulate creative growth in its artists.

Blank Canvas Theatre


Blank Canvas Theatre provides professional quality productions, placing emphasis on entertainment at affordable prices.

Blank Canvas Theatre is dedicated to inspiring a new love for those new to theatre in the Cleveland community, while providing another quality venue for those who already love the arts. Our annual season is diverse, designed to attract many different types of theatre-goers.