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 Gordon Square Arts Space

The Gordon Square Arts Space located at 1386 W. 65th Street is a monthly rotating pop-up art gallery, studio and classroom located in the heart of the neighborhood at 1386 W. 65th Street, next to the Capitol Theatre. Each month, the space hosts a visiting artist or arts organization with a mission to bring a variety of artistic offerings to the neighborhood and reach a broad audience of residents and visitors alike.



Fine art that is superior in quality and produced by artists of extraordinary talent with regional, national, and international acclaim.


78th St. Studios

78th Street Studios is the largest art and design complex in Northeast Ohio, featuring over 60 art galleries, artist studios, performance spaces, and music recording studios.78th Street Studios also houses the region’s top Internet rock station, oWOW Radio and the country’s 2nd largest rock and roll magazine, Alternative Press. In addition to galleries and design incubator spaces, 78th has great spaces for special events and holds a few of their own as well. Check out their website for more information on WATCH IT WEDNESDAYS and THIRD FRIDAYS.