Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

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Current Artist

Chris Seibert and Denis Griesmer

As the 2020 Gordon Square Performing Artists-in-Residence, Chris Seibert and Denis Griesmer are diving deeper into their interactive performance pieces, Love’s Lost Raree Box and The Poetry Psychic Project. In addition to pop-up and wandering performances throughout the year, this quarter they will have a performance storefront located at 6600 Detroit Avenue.

Previous Artists

Amber N. Ford

After kicking off her time as the Gordon Square Artist-in-Residence with a free open mic event at The Happy Dog, photographer Amber N. Ford invited black community members into her pop-up portrait studio at 78th Street Studios to receive professional quality portraits. This project continues Amber’s exploration of the word BLACK and the intersection of color and identity. These portraits were shared with the community through an exhibit during the Third Friday event at 78th St. Studios, as well as a large mural installed at the center of the district on the rear wall of the Gordon Square Arcade at W. 65th and Detroit. This project was also supported by Ohio Arts Council. LAND studio and Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization.

Dee Jay Doc

We are overjoyed to present Gordon Square resident and founder of Refresh Collective, Dee Jay Doc, as the musician-in-residence for the second quarter of 2019.

Dee Jay Doc works to construct empowering programs that pay tribute to the roots of hip-hop as a community-based art form. He hopes that his music will help to build bridges between diverse communities and promote changes for the better. At Refresh Collective, creative minds are invited to share their stories in order to portray important messages and life lessons.

During his residency, Dee Jay Doc will guide an intergenerational group of songwriters through the process of hip-hop song production and offer free performances in the neighborhood.

Valerie Mayen

Gordon Square Arts District presents Valerie Mayen as 2019’s first quarter artist-in-residence, a Gordon Square-based fashion designer and the owner of Yellowcake Shop.

Her community program Hi, Fashion will invite community members to fashion design and sewing clinics, helping them upcycle and restyle their clothing while providing education on socially responsible fashion.

It will culminate with a free showing of The True Cost on March 21 at the Capitol Theatre, sponsored by Cleveland Cinemas, and Hi, Fashion, a free two-day event on March 23 and 24 at Near West Theatre, with resources including on-site alterations, DIY styling tutorials, information on creating a capsule wardrobe, and a clothing swap.

Ariel Clayton Karaś

Gordon Square is excited to have Ariel Clayton Karaś from Classical Revolution Cleveland as its first musician-in-residence. Classical Revolution Cleveland is a collective comprised of orchestral musicians that
with the mission to bring classical music to audiences at unconventional venues in an approachable setting.

During her residency, Karaś and musicians from Classical Revolution Cleveland will bring free music programs and performances to a variety of Gordon Square locations over the next ten weeks.

For more information on the free programs from Ariel and Classical Revolution Cleveland, read the full press release here and be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook for updates on events!

Non//Sense Collective

Gordon Square Arts District is excited to announce non//sense collective as the newest recipient of the Gordon Square Artist Residency, featuring a collaboration between four Gordon Square artists from spaces such as Wondershop and Muted Horn Gallery, and three artists from the greater Cleveland area.

Join us during June’s Third Friday at W. 78th St. Studios, June 15th, 5:00-8:00pm.
Meet the members of non//sense, learn more about the residency, and start exploring ways to interact with non//sense and the community.

non//sense is Marcus Brathwaite, Kat Burdine, Ryan Dewey, Christopher Horne, Kelley O’Brien, Arthur Russell, Anthony Warnick.

This summer, non//sense takes the form of traveling sensorium–part curiosity cabinet, part mobile laboratory, all experimental art. non//sense invites the curious to a series of artist-led labs and exhibitions in and around Gordon Square Art District.

Daniel McNamara

Gordon Square Arts District announces the selection of Daniel McNamara as its first Performing Artist-in-Residence. McNamara is a playwright, director, musician and puppet designer who lives in the Gordon Square Arts District.

Gordon Square Arts District launched its residency program for local artists in late 2017. Illustrator and comic book writer, John G, served as GSAD’s first artist in residence. McNamara will be its second artist in residence and the first performing artist in residence.

During his residency, McNamara will create “Odyssey in Translation: Masks, Books, SmartPhone,” inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey in ancient Greek literature. The project includes three wandering performances where masked characters from The Odyssey travel throughout Gordon Square Arts District. McNamara will also lead three free acting workshops that explore the use of masks, movement, and how meaning is conveyed across multiple translations of The Odyssey.

“With ‘Odyssey in Translation: Masks, Books, SmartPhone’, I hope to transform the daunting alienation often provoked by The Odyssey as something elite and only of interest to academics and niche ‘experts’ into curiosity and accessible story-telling by challenging widely held assumptions about what The Odyssey is, who it is for, and why it is relevant to the life of people from all walks of life today.” McNamara said.

Portions of each durational performance will be streamed live on the Gordon Square Arts District Facebook and Instagram pages.

McNamara will lead three free acting workshops as part of his residency. Local actors are invited to examine multiple translations of The Odyssey in the workshops and perform with movement and masks.

John G

We’re thrilled to announce John G. as our first Gordon Square Artist in Residence. Not only is he a talented artist, illustrator and comic book writer who lives and works in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District, but he also has a strong voice in addressing the future of the neighborhood.

“The residency program is one of Gordon Square’s strategies to support local artists and bring new and exciting projects to the neighborhood,” said Carrie Carpenter, president, and executive director of the Gordon Square Arts District.

During his residency from September 1-November 30, John G. will create and publish an autobiographical comic book focused on accessibility that will expose people to the reality of what it’s like to be in a wheelchair with the objective of relieving the anxiety that comes from confronting something one might not yet understand. The comic book will explore the perception of people in wheelchairs and evaluate future prospects for the neighborhood.