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Gordon Square Artist-in-Residence Program

Todd Heckeler3331 views

We’re thrilled to announce John G. as our first Gordon Square Artist in Residence. Not only is he a talented artist, illustrator and comic book writer who lives and works in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District, but he also has a strong voice in addressing the future of the neighborhood.

During his residency from September 1-November 30, John G. will create and publish an autobiographical comic book focused on accessibility that will expose people to the reality of what it’s like to be in a wheelchair with the objective of relieving the anxiety that comes from confronting something one might not yet understand. The comic book will explore the perception of people in wheelchairs and evaluate the future prospects for the neighborhood.

The original artwork will be shown in an exhibit in the Gordon Square Art Space, 1386 W. 65th Street, on November 17.  Follow his progress on instagram .